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Professional Equipment

We pride our self on the providing you with the best fishing experience in the Northwest. This starts with having the best equipment on the planet as well as the best partners around. When we started our fishing guide business, we put forth some very stringent requirements on what we wanted for guide boats. The biggest problem we faced when looking at boats, was the diversity of our fisheries. One day we need a boat that we can strip down and cast for Bass and Pike. The next day we may need a top and 4 downriggers to chase the Chinook Salmon around. We looked at a lot of boats that were either great trolling boats or great casting boats, but not many that were good for both.


We were unable to find the perfect boat until we started dealing with the crew at Tobler’s Marina. Tobler’s signed us up to be part of their Pro Staff team in doing so they have helped us come up with our ultimate fishing machine. We started with the Duckworth 235 Pacific Navigator lake style outboard boat that will be used primarily on Lake Coeur d’Alene. A prop 350 Yamaha, a 28 degree v-hull, and several other minor modifications and we had a guiding machine. If you are in need of a boat that will haul gear and people in style, then get a hold of the folks at Tobler’s Marina in Hayden, Idaho.


When you start looking for gear to fish with or setup your fishing boat with downriggers, electric trolling motors, planer boards, fish finders, chart maps, and even heaters; we recommend our partners. We use them to rig up our boats with the best equipment, for the best experience.

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